The Strategic Truth about Investing

The Truth About VC Value-Add
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While there are exceptions to this conclusion, it is more commonplace to see lagging talent strategies and business systems. When it comes time to build budgets, the lack of forethought into what it will take to execute in terms of both capabilities and systems, becomes an unaligned mess.

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Budgets become grocery lists of investments that are only very nominally linked to the business strategy. No one is thinking through what capabilities and systems are truly critical to enable the strategy execution.

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As I mentioned, HR executives need to adopt a mindset shift and assume a more proactive role during the strategy formation. They need to exert their influence on the leadership team when making choices of where to play and how to win. They need to come prepared to share a clear understanding of where the organization is today from a talent and a HR systems perspective.

The Truth About VC Value-Add

This means leaders need to already have in place an effective means of classifying the current talent capabilities they have, where the gaps are against the current strategy and knowledge of their pools of talent in each of their core areas. An infrastructure of integrated approaches to assessment, talent planning, attraction and hiring, performance management, and compensation needs to be functioning at a high level to provide HR executives with the necessary data for strategic decision making. Furthermore, HR executives must have sufficient knowledge of the business, the competition and the consumer.

Otherwise, recommendations on strategy will lack sufficient credibility. With the data and knowledge available then HR can make strategic investment decisions.

If you have clarity around the business strategy and know where you are today in terms of capabilities and where you need to be to execute the strategy, then making these decisions will be straightforward. Your plans need to be directly tied to the business strategy.

That can mean you allocate some of your investment across frontline leaders as you implement a new service model. Or, perhaps it is an investment in high potential mid-level leaders who need to make the transition to managing larger scope across broader global teams. Failure to make the strategic connection and to monetize the ROI will lead you to arbitrary HR decision making and ineffective solutions. Similarly, the absence of the right talent development solutions will bring further failure in delivering against the capability requirements for the strategy.

The keys to strategic talent investment: link business strategy to investment choices, to solution identification, and follow through with execution and measurement.

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The first, financial criteria, are not all that different from traditional VCs no matter what the Sand Hill crowd will tell you. We have our return hurdles, we have our investment committees, and we have our view of the world. The second, strategic criteria, are more subjective.

Sometimes we invest to fill in gaps i. If the groups are not aligned to maximize the value of the investment, things can get tricky. That said, some are very good and rational. These should really be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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The website moves new customers from step to step without bogging them down in too much detail. Private equity. That makes it easy to create incentives for fund managers and for the executives running the businesses that are directly linked to the cash value received by fund investors. Such a change would be hastened if the United States and other governments followed the lead of European nations in leveling the tax playing field. Pico offers premium technology hosting and managed services, specializing in trading technology. If you incorrectly structure an early investment round, you can expect this mistake to have lasting adverse implications for the company. The direction of your business will change over time as your technology evolves, you gain customer insights, and you adapt to the market.

Our mission is to serve not as your broker, or your insurance agent, or even your planner. Our mission is to serve as Your Coach.

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We desire that you have a clear understanding of what is in your best interest for your investments and your future. To get there, we ask you the right questions.

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Good questions that help you identify the proper ways to create wealth for yourself and others you care about and so you will stop speculating and gambling with your money.