My Last Duchess by Robert Browning - a Critical Analysis

Robert Browning: Poems Summary and Analysis of "My Last Duchess"
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Check out our Browning himself described this poem as a "dramatic lyric" — at least, Dramatic Lyrics was the title he gave to the book of poems in which "My Last Duchess" first appeared. The "dramatic" par We need to consider his rhetoric, and syn Unlike some lyric poetry, and very much like a play, "My Last Duchess" has a very definite physical and geographical setting: a private art gallery in the palace of the Duke of Ferrara in mid-sixte The title of "My Last Duchess," like the first few lines of the poem, gives us quite a bit of information about the dramatic scenario in the text.

Summary of My Last Duchess

Audience Imagination V. Comments by Terry Bohannon A.

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Analysing My Last Duchess

His father was a senior clerk in the Bank of England. His mother was a pianist. His love for writing dramatic monologues came from his father who gave him the love Browning had for art and literature.

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Browning attended the University of London for half a year before returning home to read in his father 's library. His first work, Pauline: A Fragment of a Confession, was first issued in It was his. In both stories, the lover's perceive the women as objects, instead of actual people. In My Last Mistress, he believes that he has given her a gift by marrying her, and thus thinks that he owns her.

My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

He feels that she. However, through the masterful use of poetic devices and language Browning is able to create two living and breathing characters in sixty or less lines. When one examines these works one has to that they are quite the achievements.

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From the speaker's indirect allusions to the death of his wife the reader might easily think that the speaker committed a vengeful crime out of jealousy. His flowery speech confuses and disguises any possible motives, however, and the mystery is left unsolved.

Analysis of My Last Duchess by Robert Browning Essay examples

The poem is a great example of dramatic dialogue, a poetic form used to narrate and dramatize. It consists entirely of the words of a single speaker who reveals in his speech his own nature and the dramatic situation in which he finds himself. This format suits this poem particularly well because the speaker, taken to be the Duke of Ferrara, …show more content….

I wonder what happened The Duchess looks out at us, the viewers, directly from the painting; and her depiction there is life-like, that is, we might be looking at a living person rather than a work of art. Yet wouldn't Ferrara say "life-like" or "true to life," if that was simply what he meant?

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Robert Browning: Poems Summary and Analysis of "My Last Duchess" "My Last Duchess" is narrated by the duke of Ferrara to an envoy (representative) of . with human contradictions than with social or economic criticism. In , the title was changed to "My Last Duchess". Robert Browning explored the dark reality that lied under the guise of the Italian.

His choice of words may suggest that, while she, the Duchess herself rather than her image in the painting , looks alive, she may be dead; and the phrase "last Duchess" echoes in our working memory. Do we know for sure? Does "she" mean the Duchess or her painting?

When discussing the poem's content, there are many things we know for certain and many others that are questionable. We know that the Duchess died suspiciously and that the Duke is in the process of looking for a new wife. He is speaking to a messenger about a painting of his now deceased wife.

Robert Browning: “My Last Duchess” by Camille Guthrie | Poetry Foundation

The Duke, of course, is casting himself in a favorable light and is presenting his best side. He wants to make it look as if his wife was cheating on him and was unfaithful to him. He is very controlling, and could not control her and her smiles.