Healthcare in the 21st Century

Leadership for health care in the 21st Century: A personal perspective
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Policy makers need to find new approaches to planning smarter, sustainable approaches to healthcare, built around patient self-management and community involvement.

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We understand the triggers and concerns of those responsible for the management, delivery and financial planning of healthcare delivery. And being located at Imperial College Business School, unlike most Executive Education programmes, we also have a deep understanding of technical, engineering and ICT developments, and connections with the researcher and companies creating the new technological innovations. So those looking to develop medtech or explore its opportunities can uniquely benefit from an Imperial Executive Education.

We regularly engage with a wide range of healthcare commentators, practitioners and companies from the UK and elsewhere. They indicate that there is still a poor understanding of innovation in healthcare.

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In , Rodney chose a health savings account in combination with a high- deductible The Vision of the 21st-Century Health Care System. A vision for primary health care in the 21st century: towards universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals. Geneva: World.

A particular advantage of our unique environment is discovering how to embed learning into everyday practice. Immersive sessions, the Impact Lab and mentored exercises allow participants to explore, experiment and transform their organization. An Imperial Executive Education can offer vital insight and direction for those tasked with decision making in this increasingly challenging field. Our health programmes blend science, technology and the effectiveness of a business focus, inspiring those working in Insurance, Government, MedTech or Healthcare Management.

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Reimagining healthcare in the 21st century … Is it possible?

Getting Started More events and Resources. Contact us. Open Programmes. From patient care to insurance, changes will need to be made on both the industry and governmental levels to accommodate.

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More cost effective ways to care for the elderly will also need to be investigated. Working to remove some of the financial burden from elderly patient care will help ensure that as the population continues to age, they are still well-cared for.


Hospitals and clinics are investing in advanced technology, assembling a workforce, and trying to make healthcare jobs more flexible and appealing to workers. All these things will help the industry be more prepared for the demands of the aging population. New minds in healthcare leadership and administration will help come up with solutions to these problems.

Becoming qualified to work in the healthcare field and help come up with creative solutions is a great goal for your career. Climate change is a public health concern that continues to escalate: UN scientists estimate we have only 12 years left to keep global temperatures from rising above 1. This is a crucial number.

Climate change can bring hotter days and heat-related injuries. Additionally, it can cause food and water scarcity, which means hospitals and clinics would need to be prepared for patients suffering from nutritional deficiency. Organizations are also calling for healthcare organizations to be more energy-efficient and eco-friendly to help with climate change problems.

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Which college fits you? A significant obstacle in achieving the best possible health for the nation is the lack of health insurance for more than 41 million Americans. And we will be ready for them. This requires new levels of skill and technique to avoid mixing medicines that could be problematic, and is more difficult on patients physically and financially. The private sector could be encouraged to invest in work-based and community health through creation of a corporate investment health award sponsored by the federal government and business leaders.

As health leaders work to find ways to cut down their carbon footprint and prepare for what will follow climate changes, they will be prepared to serve patients and help create a safer community for them. This is called multimorbidity, and is growing increasingly prevalent across the world. Multimorbidity is a health issue as doctors and nurses work to treat many conditions, at the same time.

This requires new levels of skill and technique to avoid mixing medicines that could be problematic, and is more difficult on patients physically and financially. It is also a financial burden on the healthcare industry, as multiple conditions prove intricate and expensive to treat. The Chronic Care Model is an important redesign for chronic disease and multimorbidity. This model helps care for and educate patients in the most effective way possible.

Today's nursing leaders need to assure nurses are knowledgeable about these concepts and able to lead or co-lead these efforts at system redesign. The healthcare industry is also constantly learning new techniques for medical and patient management when it comes to multiple chronic conditions. From technology that helps regulate treatments, to research constantly being done on new options, there is always work being done to help with this issue.


Healthcare leadership needs to make specific decisions about financial and medical options for treating those with chronic conditions. As the population continues to age, as people live longer, and as more chronic conditions have treatments, the healthcare industry will have to be prepared to keep up with the demand to fight multimorbidity.

Increasing numbers and understanding about mental illness also has a direct impact on current medical trends. Around the world mental illness is causing injury and death for millions of people. It is also costly and difficult to diagnose and treat.

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