Blast and Explosive Modeling (Student Guides)

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These meetings have been very productive, involving active and fruitful discussions and exchange of creative ideas on a broad spectrum of blast injuries; identifying critical issues involving experimental and computational studies of blast-induced injuries; and creating new partnerships on joint research explorations to address the many scientific and technical challenges facing the field.


The meeting agenda includes the following broad topic areas. Innovative research beyond this topic list will also be considered:. Organized by: U. Abstract submissions should be emailed or faxed directly to the IFBIC point of contact no later than close of business February 15, , P.

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Eastern Standard Time. Pre-registration is required for all participants, and participation will be limited by venue capacity. The pre-registration deadline is March 29, The registration website found at the top of this announcement will be open for registration on or after January 30, Due to the lack of restaurants convenient to the meeting location, meeting attendees are encouraged to sign up for catered lunch and refreshments provided on-site. This charge covers hot and cold beverages including coffee, green tea, snacks, and lunch during the three meeting days. Options will be available on-site for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan dietary restrictions.

Registration for catering is done using the meeting registration site at the top of this announcement.

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The book is written in easy-to-understand language, avoids jargon, includes a glossary of terms and references for further study. It presents the options available. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Blast and Explosive Modeling (Student Guides) file PDF.

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The 4th International Forum on Blast Injury Countermeasures (IFBIC) 12222

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Flag comment Cancel. Delete Comment Are you sure you want to delete this comment? As it travels down the tube, a shock front develops, creating a blast wave by the time it reaches the mouse. A gauge in the reservoir permitted us to fill it to the desired pressure level and thus produce blast waves of different strengths. The blast wave profile impacting each mouse was measured for every experiment using a high-speed pressure transducer Model B16, PCB piezotronics, Depew, NY that was positioned just below the mouse, 11 cm from the end of the tube.

Our chamber could generate peak pressures of up to kPa, corresponding to a sound intensity of dB SPL sound pressure level at the position of the mouse. After induction of anesthesia, the mouse was securely positioned at the end of the tube with its head facing directly into the force of the blast wave. In order to minimize trauma to the mouse other than primary blast injury on the ear, we protected its body by wrapping it in a sheath of fiberglass screen mesh Insect Screening, Phifer Inc. We made small openings in the sheath to allow the auricles to protrude out and thus be exposed to the blast wave.

Thus, we believe this positioning strategy, as well as the aerodynamic nature of the sheath, helped to divert the blast wave and blast wind around the body of the mouse. We used a custom high-speed video recording system to image the force of the blast upon the mouse. As a result, the camera could stream frames at 4. A custom computer was also built and programmed to store the data at high speed. The images received by the framegrabber were buffered in RAM via direct memory access, and were written onto a solid-state drive through the PCI-e x4 bus in chunks of 40 frames in order to maximize write throughput.

LS DYNA Tutorial: Explosive and Blastwall

However, the system was programmed to be able to capture frames for roughly a one minute period of time by accumulating the extra data in memory. In post-processing, a demosaicing algorithm was used to reconstruct full color images. The stored frames were then color-corrected and encoded into a single complete video file. The mice were placed in the prone position for the study. Images were analyzed in MicroView software Version 2.

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The mine is externally identical to the M16A1, other than markings. Clearly, Eq. The convex surface of the metal plate is next to the explosive filler forming a fragmentation cavity. By varying the size of the high-pressure chamber, the positive phase duration can be altered for a given maximal overpressure Celander et al. Use of this multi-mode shock tube in small animal models will enable comparison of the extent of brain injury with the pressure-time signature produced using each blast mode, facilitating evaluation of the blast wave components contributing to bTBI. While this study demonstrates OHC and SGN loss by one week after the blast, presumably the cell death occurs soon after the blast trauma.